Designing a form

1. Forms work as part of a process. Click here to learn “What’s a process?” first!

2. Click here to learn “How forms work” first!

A form is designed or changed in the Form Designer. Watch this short video (5 min) for a quick intro:

The Form Designer

The left area is the Toolbox – the tabs at the top allow you to design, attach data to, set business rules for, and finally test the form. We’ll go through them one by one, but for an overview, see the diagram below:

(NOTE:- the Rules tab is hidden when the form designer is opened by the ‘Create an App’ wizard. They are only available when the form is re-opened through the ‘App Viewer’ tile in Advanced mode)

The Form Designer

Open, Save and Save As

Forms are versioned objects . The Open, Save, and Save As buttons operate on different versions of the same form, as well as on entirely new forms.

Click here to see how versions work


The ‘Design’ tab shows controls for creating a form. A form has one or more tables , and can span several pages.

Click here to see what different types of tables do.

How to add normal form table section

The Form Designer

How to add text to a cell, how to merge cells

To add labels and add text in general, just double click on a cell and start typing. To extend the text over several cell, use the ‘Control’ key with the mouse to select several cells, use the ‘Merge’ icon, then double-click the resulting merged cell.

The Form Designer

How to add fields to cells

To add fields of each type, select one or more cell, and click the icon of the field type. If you select multiple fields (using the shift or control keys together with mouse clicks) – then a single click adds the field to all the cells. Useful when adding similar fields down a column of cells.

The Form Designer

How to create colorful headings and subheadings

To create highlighted areas, and title areas, headings or subheadings, simply group cells, add text, the use the ‘Style’ icons to change the text size, background and foreground colors. To create titles spanning cells, mete them first. Use Alignment icons to centre text.

How to create colorful headings and subheadings