Debug Process Rules

When a process has been made public, but not working as expected, then you can use a facility known as ‘Remote Debug’ [RD] to see how rules are executing.

You will need TWO different browsers for this. For example, use Chrome and Firefox.

In one browser, log in as an Admin user, and open the [Process Designer] (to test Process Rules) or [Form Designer] to test form rules, of the relevant form or process. Switch to ‘Rules’ mode in the toolbox [rule-select.jpg].

Click the [RD] button on the trace area:


In the second browser, log in as a user who will use the process. Start or open tasks from the ‘Process Inbox’ as normal.

As you interact with a process here, you should see the ‘trace window’ fill up with numbers in the first browser. Each number represents an activity:


Click on that activity and the rule table will show which rules executed:


Rules colored green were performed.

Conditions in orange evaluated to false.