Add a Rule to a Process

Process diagrams can contain business rules. These can be used to add additional data field values, or skip tasks based on fields already captured.

To add a rule, open the process designer from the App Viewer, click on the [rule-select.jpg] tab in the toolbox on the left.

The toolbox now shows rules added to each task on the process. These rules execute only when that task is the current task.

There is a special area called ‘Default Rules’ which contains tasks that are shared by all tasks in the process:


To add a rule to any task, or to Default Rules, click the [+] button in it.

In the rule designer table below, use the [Add-button.jpg] button to add a rule:


Use the [Select-icon.jpg] icon to select the IF, WHEN and THEN parts of the rule.

Click the [Change-Setting.jpg] icon to change the settings for the rule.

Click the [Add-a-rule.jpg] button to add a rule below the row.

Click the [Remove-Rule.jpg] button to remove the rule.

(All changes to rules can be undone using the undo button on the toolbar)