Create An App – The Simple Way

The simple way of creating or editing an App is through the ‘Create An App’ Wizard.

This wizard takes care of creating the connections and dependencies between the App, its processes, forms and reports. To keep things simple, when processes and forms are edited or created using this wizard, some of the advanced options are hidden.

Please watch this 5 min video that explains how the Wizard works:

Once an App been put together using the above wizard, you can add advanced features by directly editing the processes, forms or reports associated with the App.

When you need to add business rules to a form, or select different forms for individual tasks in a process, then you can directly edit the process from the ‘App Viewer’ tile.

Changing Apps through the ‘App Viewer’ Tile

We recommend you go through the following pages before using advanced features!

The Components Of An App

Designing A Process

Changing Apps through the ‘App Viewer’ Tile