Keeping an eye on your business

If you are a typical small to medium sized business, then one problem you have probably faced is keeping track of everything in your business.

Sure you may have purchased an online accounting package or invested in one of the many SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) HR systems, but what about the vast number of other things such as client facing information requests, state of your sales pipeline (and what to do about each item)

Do-It-Yourself SaaS software like Cloudstream, allow you to create simple business processes quickly, and with no prior technical knowledge. One advantage is that however different each business process is, the information from one can be used alongside that from another.

For example, you can put together a process for tracking and approving employee leave request, and another for scheduling jobs for clients. And then quickly connect info from both into a report so that you don’t schedule staff for jobs if they are on vacation.

Such “cross process” reports are a good way to keep track of activities in your business. Not only do you get report that show who is busy doing what, you can use this to see how best to utilise resources, even forecast annual recurring trends and predict shortfalls in staffing

Identity Management on the Cloud

Ever forgotten a password for your email or other online account? Now imagine how bad it is if you’re running a small or medium sized organization with many user using different passwords across multiple systems.

An increasing trend in online systems is to use the identity management and password management systems of well established and frequently used social media and other sites such as Google mail and Facebook

Our business prices management (Workflow) site Cloudstream uses this approach to simplify identity and password management. You can log in using your Google or Facebook passwords and emails and use Cloudstream for creating and assembling business processes quickly.