Using the Time Sheet App


There are two processes in this app:

1) Submit Time Sheet

2) Add New Project


Submit Time Sheet process have two roles:

1. TS-Resource (This role can initiate submit time sheet process)

2. TS-Resource Manager (This Role will review and either approve or send the request back to TS-Resource for any changes)

Add New Project process have one role:

1. TS-Resource Manager (This role can add or modify Timesheet projects which are visible to users in Submit Time Sheet Process)

STEP 1: Assign Roles for Submit Time Sheet and Add New Project Processes

1. Select users for the TS-Resource role.


2. Assign the TS-Resource role.


3. Select the users for ‘TS-Resource Manager’ and assign them the role.


4. Follow the same instructions starting from step 1 and assign ‘TS-Resource Manager’ role to selected users for ‘Add New Project’ process.


STEP 2: Add or Modify Projects using the ‘Add New Project’ process.

This process is used to add or modify Projects which are visible to users using Submit Time Sheet Process.

1. A user who is ‘TS-Resource Manager’ can now log in and Add/Modify Projects:


2. Fill in the given fields with appropriate values.


3. Check mark Departments which will be working on this project and enter ‘Hours per Department’ in the given field.


Note: If department checklist is empty then user can request the Admin to insert Departments using the ‘Checklist and dropdown’ tile.

4. User can add multiple ‘Activities’ in their project by clicking the button and selecting ‘Add New TS_Activity’ from the pop out menu.



Note: If Activity drop down is empty then user can request the Admin to insert Activity using the ‘Checklist and dropdown’ tile.

5. Click ‘Finish’ button to save the changes.


STEP 3: Submit Time Sheet Process

1. A user who is ‘EC_Resource’ can log in and raise a expense claim request by selecting the process from process inbox tile and clicking the ‘Start new’ button.


2. Start by filling out the form. User can add multiple ‘Activities Performed’ in their Time Sheet by clicking the button and selecting ‘Add New TS_WorkItem’ from the pop out menu.


3. Fill in the work ‘Item’.


4. Once the Time Sheet form is complete, send the process forward to ‘TS-Resource Manager’ by clicking the ‘Resource Manager Approval’ button.


• By forwarding the Resource Manager Approval, task will be send to all TS_Managers. However, the Resource filling the Timesheet form can select a particular Approver from the ‘Users’ tab:


• The admin can define more ‘Activity Names’ from checklist and dropdown items tab:


STEP 4: Approving the Time Sheet Request

1. A user who has the ‘TS-Resource Manager’ role can log in and approve the request forwarded to them. To open the process, go to ‘Process inbox’ tile. Select the process and click the ‘Open’ button.


2. TS-Resource Manager will review the Time Sheet request. If there is no objection then the TS-Resource Manager will finish the process by clicking the ‘finish’ button. TS-Resource Manager can also send the process back to ‘TS-Resource’ in case of any discrepancy.



• If there is a problem, use the Comments area to communicate it with the ‘TS-Resource’
After inserting the comments send the process back to ‘TS_Resource’.


STEP 5: Monitor Reports

1.Select the ‘Activity done per project report’ from the Settings window (Reports tab).


2. The report appears and shows activities done per projects.