Using The Staff Joining Procedure App

There is one process in this app: ‘Staff Joining Procedure’. It has three roles:

1. The SJ_Requestor role should be given to users who will be initiating request.

2. The ‘SJ Request Completer’ role should be given to those who will supervise the request.

3. The ‘SJ New Joiner’ role should be given to those who will sign off upon request completion.

STEP 1: Assign Roles:

1. Select users for the SJ_Requestor role:


2. Assign the SJ_Requestor role:


3. Similarly, select the users who should be ‘SJ_Request Completer’ and ‘SJ New Joiner’ and give them their respective roles:


STEP 2: Initiate Staff Joining Procedure

1. A user who is ‘SJ_Requestor’ can now log in and start a Staff joining procedure:


2. Fill out the staff details form.


3. After filling the form forward the request to ‘SJ Request Completer’ for further processing.



• Forwarding the task to Request Completer will send the request to all the users having ‘SJ Request Completer’ role. However, the Initiator can select a particular user from the ‘Users’ tab:


STEP 3: Completing the Request Made by Requester

1. A user who has the ‘SJ Request Completer’ role can now log in and open the process from Inbox:


2. User will check mark ‘Issued’ item and forward the process to ‘SJ New Joiner’ by clicking the ‘Sign Off’ task button.



• If there is a problem use the Comments area to communicate it with the Requester:


Enter the comments and send the process back to ‘Requester’ task.

STEP 4: Sign off Upon Request Completion

1. A user who has the ‘SJ New Joiner’ role can now log in and open the process from Inbox:


2. User will review the form and place check mark for ‘All the data is correct’. Finish the process by clicking the ‘finish’ button.


STEP 5: Monitor Reports

1. Select the ‘Staff Joining Procedure Report Equipment’ and ‘Staff Joining Procedure Report Training’ from the Settings window (Reports tab).


2. Reports are shown on Home Screen.