Creating a List Report

To view how to add Report tile click here

Step 1: Add a New List Report

Click on your newly added ‘Open Reports’ tile (1) to open the reports section.

Click on ‘Add New Report’ (1) to proceed to Report Editor Form.

Click “Yes” to create a List Report.

Step 2: Select Data to Analyze

Above is the Report Editor Form. Here you can create reports and save them. Choose the data sample that you want to analyze from the drop down list(1)

Step 3: Select Fields to populate Report

List-Report4After selecting the data sample:

  1. Select the fields that you want appearing in your report (1).
  2. Drag fields in either of the four areas ‘REPORT FILTER’, ‘COLUMN LABELS’ and ‘ROW LABELS’(2).
  3. As you drag and place the fields to these areas, your report will start to generate and will appear on the left side(3).

Step 4: Naming and Saving your Report

To rename your report:

  1. Click the ‘Edit’ button to change your report name and description(1)
  2. Enter report name (2)and description(3)
  3. Click OK to save your changes

Click the ‘Save’ button (1) to save your report. A message (2) will pop up to confirm the report has been saved.

Step 5: Making a Report ‘Public’

List Report7
In order to make your report ‘Public':

  1. Click the ‘Version’ button(1)
  2. Select your report name(2)
  3. Click the ‘Public’ button(3)

List Report8
Click Yes (1) to set your report public.

Your created report will appear in the Reports section (1). You can click on it to open your report.

To make a “Pivot” report ‘Press here’
To know the difference between “Pivot” and “List” reports ‘Press here’