Difference between the Report Wizard and the Report Editor?

To make your report you can use either the Report Wizard or the Report Editor.

Report Wizard

Report wizard is the easiest way of building a report were user is guided through each step of building and running a report. Each step is well explained and gives a better understanding on how to make a report specially for those users who are making the report for the first time.

You can make changes in your existing report through the report editor. Report Editor provides lots of more options which can be utilized to make your report better.

Report Editor

Report editor lets you manually design your own reports through a easy drag and drop report builder interface. Report editor provides added utilities which can be used to customize reports as per the report requirement. The Report Editor gives you the added ability to:

  1. Add or remove data fields
  2. Add charts in pivot reports
  3. Sort by descending / value
  4. Make versions
  5. Rename your report
  6. Add/edit report description
  7. Export your Report in Excel