Adding roles to your account

This page explains how to add roles in a new process to an existing account (login). The process created on this page will be used as an example:

The new roles ‘Approver’ and ‘Requester’ will be assigned to your account, enabling you to interact with the ‘Approve User Process’.


Navigate to your home page, and select the ‘Edit Users’ icon. If this Icon is not on your home page, you can add it using ‘Settings’ on the top right of your home page (2). Click to open  the edit window.  Under the option ‘Edit Data Objects’ check ‘Edit or add users, change roles’ – For more details see Step.1 of ‘Creating a process in 12 Steps’.


Search and find your own user login by using ‘Search’ (1).


Select your account (1) and click on ‘Edit Item’ (2). A window will pop-up.


Now to assign roles press the Menu button (1) and select ‘Search and Attach Roles’ (2).


On the Role Attach window first key in * in the search bar (1) and then click on ‘Search’ (2) to bring up all the roles.


 Select the two new roles for the process (1) and (2) (Select both by holding down the ctrl key) and click on ‘Add Roles’ (3).


Next click ‘Update’. The window will close, and search results will auto-update to show the new roles for your account.

Now you can navigate back to your home page, and start a process as shown here.