Forms and Permissions

After the form has been designed and all the validations and formatting has been done, you can now assign permissions to make the form available for others to see.  You can save and manage versions of the form and decide which version to make public or keep as private.

Private versions of the form are only visible to the user who created that form. Public versions of the form are available for all the users of the application.


After creating the form, (1) click on Manage Versions. (2) The Version window will open up on screen, here you can save and manage versions of the designed form.  (3) A Private version of the form will be saved by pressing save, which can be later viewed and edited as required.



A version of the form can be made available to all users by making the version Public.  This can be done in the version window by (1) selecting the version which is to be made public and (2) clicking on Public.



Once the Public button is pressed, (1) a confirmation dialogue box appears on screen. Clicking Yes will make the selected version Public. Clicking No will keep the older version as Public, as it was before.