Staff Onboarding For Businesses

Onboarding has to do with the mentoring and development of a new member of staff. Often referred to as ‘orientation’, onboarding is a broader, longer drawn out process. The first few weeks on a new job are nervous ones for a new employee. There’s the pressure to fit in with other members of the workforce, there’s an expectation to do well and pick things up quickly, and to be as productive and industrious as possible.

Staff onboarding relates to the mentoring and training often covered in the first few weeks on a new job, but it’s also concerned with how those first few weeks impact on the new employee’s work going forward. Follow-ups are important, as is good communication, assessing how successful the onboarding process is going.

Before the onboarding stage you obviously have the hire stage. Employing new staff isn’t that easy. You want to know you’re hiring someone with the right skills and experience for the job, and who you think will work well within the context of the team. Here at Cloudstream we provide pre-made apps which you can adapt to meet your needs, including employee hire. By using the cloud, you can make your working life easier.

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