Social media and BPM

We have had BPM or business process management, for over 25 years now.

It seems have evolved into heavy duty process orchestration systems that require legions of technology experts to assemble business processes across existing technology systems.

But how are any of them relevant in the WRA of the social network , with increasing numbers of small businesses and start-ups using Facebook, Twitter and linked in as well as advertising on Google, to generate leads and income?

A new breed of workflow and BPM saas systems such as Cloudstream, are attempting to find an answer to this question.

They allow non technical users to assemble a working business process or workflow, simply by drawing a flow diagram. Forms that start the process can be designed in a few minutes and directly linked into ads on social media or search engines.

Now, anything from an idle click by a viewer to a request for information or even client information can be directly embedded within Facebook or other sites. Such systems can be easily managed in much the same way people manage their email accounts from Google or Microsoft, and generate reports on timeliness, trends over time and of course cut short the time required to gather essential information to a client query so that a good reply can be made.

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