Good Business Discipline With Cloudstream

When you start a business, keeping to strict business processes is the last thing that you worry about. But as your business grows, your business’ development and growth can slow down due to a lack of strong business processes.

With low-cost cloud based workflow tools such as Cloudstream, there really is no excuse for not setting up the discipline of good process practice pretty early on in your business.

Consider the following business processes that most businesses need. You may not need all of them, or even most of them at your stage of growth, but as your business grows the need for these will grow as well:

Time & Expense Management services such as: Timesheets for employees, Project management, Complaints handling and Change Management.

Staff Management services such as: Expense Claims, Leave Requests, Hiring Process and Joining Process.
Client Handling such as: Request Handling, Complaints.

Sales Tracking:
Pipeline Tracking

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