Free Apps - Start with our value pack of pre-made apps, and adapt them to your needs.

Company-wide timesheet management that tracks the activities of all employees against current projects.


Have existing or potential new customers request information directly from your website or Facebook page – and have it routed to the correct person for prompt handling.

Expense Claims

Track, approve and expense claims from your employees. Raise and track an expense claim by adding details of receipts (can be scanned and attached), and filling a list of expenses.

Capital Expenditure

Gather justification, benefits and expenses for any internal or external project before approval.

Staff Joining Procedure

Initiate requests for phone, email desk position or statutory training for a new hire.

Change Management

Approve and track change requests to projects against the original scope, then add to a change log together with cost and time impact.

Complaint Handling

Handle your client’s complaints in a timely way and keep them happy! They can raise a new request or track an existing one, you can monitor how fast they get resolved.

Leave Request

Employees can ask for leave and have it approved against their annual quota by their manager.

Satisfaction Survey

Have your clients fill a survey you create in Cloudstream and track their responses via charts and reports. The survey form can be filled by your clients on your website or favourite social media site

Staff Hire

Gather standardized information such as qualifications, experience from an online form, then shortlist and schedule interviews for each open role.