Business Process Hosting

A business process is a flow chart which explains to users how they can start a process right through to how they can complete a process. Users’ roles are assigned, and the tasks and decision boxes embedded in the flow chart describe what the users are doing. In Cloudstream, a business process is interactive, and once users are assigned different roles they can interact within the process.

Through Cloudstream you can turn your business processes into workflows in the cloud. This allows for efficiency, transparency, and easy access. If you’re interested in business process hosting and you want to allow for people outside your business or organisation to initiate processes, then this is where The Cloud Stream comes in. In Cloudstream, your clients and customers can initiate the process by filling in forms which you have designed in Cloudstream. These can be accessed via your website or social media site.

Looking to benefit from all the advantages of Cloudstream? Get started today, with The Cloud Stream.

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