Business Process Design

Just how well do your business departments communicate with one another? Just how streamlined and efficient are your existing business processes? Are daily operations taking up too

much time and effort? Could energies be put to better use elsewhere?

As businesses change, grow, shrink, or expand, work processes need to adapt to reflect the change that is taking place. It might be that one person within the business has a breakthrough

and thinks that he or she can implement a good process, but that doesn’t mean others will be able to interpret it and follow it. The solution? What if the process could be designed as a flow

chart – easy to interpret, easily integrated, and accessible to all – that becomes the actual process which is executed? This is something which can be done through Cloudstream and cloud-based


Cloudstream is a web-based tool which converts ad-hoc business processes into streamlined, manageable web-based workflows. Any user can create a workflow within Cloudstream. This

workflow can then be published so that the process can be viewed and used by other personnel – all they need is a web browser. In terms of business process design, a process can easily be

created and shared with whoever needs to be able to access it.

Are you ready to embrace the brave new world of cloud-driven applications? Look to The Cloud Stream.

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