BPM and change management

Ok so business process management software allow you to convert business processes into complete workflows. But what happens when you want to change something?

Change management is a big problem because any change no matter how small can lead to unforeseen problems on IT systems.

This is usually handled by testing everything in a secondary copy of the main system prior to making the change in the main system. This is expensive and time consuming.

But with everything now available as software as a service, how do you handle changes in business processes when the BPM ENGINE ITSELF IS running as a cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS)? You can’t just change something without the risk of something else breaking, but you can’t copy the entire BPM system for testing either.

Systems like Cloudstream tackle this problem head on by implementing strict change control via object life cycle management. Every process, form, report or any process building block of a business process is managed so that any change to one automatically creates a private copy of the affected item and anything that belongs to it.

So for example if you change a process flow or a data entry item or a report – running processes are not affected. Newer processes run with the changes after you have had a chance to test them. And if something is still not right you can always revert back to an earlier copy.

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