Benefits to get to Cloud 9 - Top 9 reasons why we exceed your expectations
Powerful, yet easy

More powerful than any rival system. Create simple to complex applications with lists, checklists and forms spanning multiple pages, embedded reports and charts. Build and test straight from your browser.

Apps from the word go

Start with our value pack of pre-made apps, and adapt them to your needs. Most common business processes such as Employee Hire, Change Management and Complaint Handling are covered.

Reports as easy as 1-2-3

You’ll get the hang of our reports very quickly! Like pivot tables in Excel, just drag fields captured from any form to create reports. Add a variety of charts and publish them. You can also embed reports within forms, on your home page or download as spreadsheets.

Ember forms on any site

Want to have people outside your organization initiate processes? Cloudstream makes this easy. Your clients and potential customers can initiate the process by filling forms you design in Cloudstream straight from your website or favourite social media site.

Customize your home page

Each user gets a home page where they can show what they like in separate ‘tiles’. More than a dozen tiles cover everything from user management, document searches, process inbox, messages, reports and performance charts. Drag & Drop tiles to organize your page the way you like it.

Monitor Performance

But why run processes in Cloudstream? Our performance charts give you a first class view of what’s going on – track how long each task takes to perform. See trends over time. Click on any chart to drill-down from aggregates to individual cases – so you can ask ‘what went wrong here?’

Stop breaking it by changin it!

What if you built a process and want to change it while it is being used without breaking it? Our system stops that happening – we version control every app, process, form or report and remember which item links to what. It does not affect what’s already running and you can always revert to an older version.

Chat from within apps

Remember the ‘comment’ capability in Word? You can address questions to other users here, too. They can respond to questions on their home page or form. The end result is answers appearing directly where users need them most – plus a full conversation history. It’s Chat built for processes!

Built-in document management

Embed online docs from google docs or upload documents from your laptop. Define important parameters for each type of document – then search down to the process that incorporates a document.