Are your financial structures supporting your business?

Good business and finance processes give your business a strong foundation for growth.
It’s easy to manage everything using back-of-envelope calculations or small spreadsheets to keep track of expenses, sales, resource usage. But this becomes unmanageable over time.

Low cost web based systems such as Cloudstream let any business put together simple, efficient processes that can solve this problem. And standard processes for staff expense claims, leave requests, project and job management, change and staff hire are all available to get you started quickly.

But how do you get started down the road to good financial structure?

Here’s an example, let’s say you’re a garden design firm. You use emails to get requests from clients for different sized gardens, then give them a quote and if accepted, do the job and then submit a bill. At the same time you need to plan the time and resource usage for each job, the expenses submitted from employees on a job, leave request etc.

All of the above can be done using spreadsheets and emails – but keeping track of the numbers, enforcing the necessary discipline even for others to fill in a record of each item, can quickly get out of hand.

Using a simple process execution service you can define a 3 step process, link a form to their website, even redirect emails from potential clients through the process you’ve set up.

Now your clients submit structured requests (because there’s a form that asks just the right amount of info for estimating each job), your employees quickly process it (because they get the info needed) and expenses, staff on leave, clashes with other scheduled jobs can be tracked because all this structured info is there available in easy to use reports on the process website.

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