Business Form Submissions

Not entirely familiar with Cloudstream? Cloudstream converts business processes into workflows which run on the web. It doesn’t matter if there are any members of your workforce who aren’t particularly technical. Any user can create a workflow in Cloudstream and attach forms before publishing it so that the business process can be viewed by anyone else within the organisation. All you need to access Cloudstream is a web browser.

Cloudstream makes things easy, and forms, processes and reports can all be created by anyone at any time. Cloudstream is simple to use and it will save your workforce time. Forms are easy to design, edit and share. Forms are data capture screens within Cloudstream. Forms can contain different elements, such as images and attached documents. They are closely associated with processes, and when a user begins a process or wants to edit or interact with a process, then they use a form.

Eager to know more? Do you want to know more about creating forms within Cloudstream? Save time and make things easier on yourself, with our help. We can help you make the most of Cloudstream so that it benefits both your workforce and your business as a whole.