Business Process Reengineering Software

Do you want to improve business processes and customer service? Do you want to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency? For every organisation, the resounding answer will be ‘yes’.

Business process reengineering involves the analysis and design of business processes and workflows within a business or organisation. If you think your business processes are not operating as efficiently and effectively as they could be, or if you want to restructure and redefine how your business operates then why not convert your business processes into workflows in the cloud?

The Cloud Stream can provide you with software that will exceed all your expectations. With this software, you can run processes in Cloudstream. You can get started with our value pack of pre-made apps, which can be adapted to meet your specific needs. These apps cover the main business processes, from hiring new employees to complaint handling. Easy to access and easy to use, reengineering software starts here.

Looking for business process reengineering software? The Cloud Stream has the solution.

Business Process Hosting

A business process is a flow chart which explains to users how they can start a process right through to how they can complete a process. Users’ roles are assigned, and the tasks and decision boxes embedded in the flow chart describe what the users are doing. In Cloudstream, a business process is interactive, and once users are assigned different roles they can interact within the process.

Through Cloudstream you can turn your business processes into workflows in the cloud. This allows for efficiency, transparency, and easy access. If you’re interested in business process hosting and you want to allow for people outside your business or organisation to initiate processes, then this is where The Cloud Stream comes in. In Cloudstream, your clients and customers can initiate the process by filling in forms which you have designed in Cloudstream. These can be accessed via your website or social media site.

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Form Designs for Businesses

Cloudstream allows you to convert your business processes into workflows in the cloud, making these processes easier to implement, use, and navigate. A business process can be defined as a selection of linked tasks or set of activities which, when completed, can be delivered as a product or a service to a client. When it comes to business processes and the management of those processes, an organisation will always be looking at how to make their workflows more reliable, transparent, effective, efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-evolving workplace environment.

Cloudstream is a system which allows you to run business processes on the web. If you’re new to Cloudstream and are keen to discover how your business processes can benefit from using this web-based tool, then The Cloud Stream can help. We can show you how to design a process flow, and how to get started with form designs. Our form designer makes it easy for users to learn how to design a form using Cloudstream.

So, why not get started, and find out just how much cloud-based applications can help you?

Hiring Processes for Businesses

Do you want to attract (and win) the top talent? Is your hiring process unstructured and disorganised? For a process to work it has to be structured, it has to be repeatable, and it has to reap the right results for the business. Hiring processes for businesses can be simplified and streamlined through Cloudstream and cloud-based applications. Why run processes in Cloudstream? There’s a simple answer to that question: because Cloudstream makes those processes easier to use.

Common business processes, such as employee hire, have to be competent and efficient in the way they operate, and this is where The Cloud Stream can help. Our value pack of free, pre-made apps can be adopted and adapted to suit your needs. Our ‘Staff Hire’ app is among these. If your hiring process has become too long-winded and unstructured then this app might prove the solution. With the ‘Staff Hire’ app you can gather standardised information, such as relevant experience and qualifications, from an online form. Then you simply shortlist and schedule interviews for each role which needs filling. Anyone who needs to make use of this app will be able to use it. This will simplify the hiring process and allow for improved communication among those responsible for hiring new staff. What’s not to like?

Business Process Design

Just how well do your business departments communicate with one another? Just how streamlined and efficient are your existing business processes? Are daily operations taking up too

much time and effort? Could energies be put to better use elsewhere?

As businesses change, grow, shrink, or expand, work processes need to adapt to reflect the change that is taking place. It might be that one person within the business has a breakthrough

and thinks that he or she can implement a good process, but that doesn’t mean others will be able to interpret it and follow it. The solution? What if the process could be designed as a flow

chart – easy to interpret, easily integrated, and accessible to all – that becomes the actual process which is executed? This is something which can be done through Cloudstream and cloud-based


Cloudstream is a web-based tool which converts ad-hoc business processes into streamlined, manageable web-based workflows. Any user can create a workflow within Cloudstream. This

workflow can then be published so that the process can be viewed and used by other personnel – all they need is a web browser. In terms of business process design, a process can easily be

created and shared with whoever needs to be able to access it.

Are you ready to embrace the brave new world of cloud-driven applications? Look to The Cloud Stream.